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Supranex Bitcoin Savings Account

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You can withdraw fund any time.

Even if Bitcoin price is crashing , your funds and 100% interest are well secured.

About Supranex

Supranex is a reputable cryptocurrency firm that offers the best interest on Bitcoin Savings Account. We are a team of veteran cryptocurrency experts whose main priorities are honesty, transparency and prosperity of our clients. We put your funds to work by investing in profitable cryptocurrencies to ensure that your 100% interest is delivered to you .


Our website is fully secured. All communications are encrypted. Digital assets are held in offline storage.


You start earning interest the moment you make your deposit and its confirmed. It’s very easy, simple and fast.


We offer 24/7 high quality friendly customer service. You can get in touch with us any time you want.


We are reliable. Our priority is the prosperity of our clients.

Our Happy Clients






frequently Asked Questions

How do I create Supranex Bitcoin Savings Account?

If you are a new user, Click “Create Account” and enter your information. Click “Submit” . Check the e-mail we send to you and click the link to verify your e-mail. Your Supranex Bitcoin Savings Account is created. Simple!

How do I deposit fund?

Login to your account and click “Deposit”. Type in the amount you wish to save. Then click “Save Now”. Supranex will generate a bitcoin address for you. Copy the bitcoin address and send your fund to this address. After 3 confirmations, your fund will show in your account.